Our Parish

Established in 1952, St. Olaf Parish is home to many families on the north side of Eau Claire, WI. In 2012, we are celebrating our 60th Anniversary, and have established 4 pillars of our church which are reflected in our parish’s mission and vision statements.

  1. People – Authentic & Welcoming

    Authentic People by acting with a personal and genuine spirit, being true to who you are.
    Welcoming People by offering a warm and friendly environment, to all who enter in

  2. Liturgy – Vibrant & Engaging

    Vibrant Liturgy by providing a dynamic and enriching experience, above and beyond one’s expectations.
    Engaging Liturgy by involving everyone actively and fully, as the body of Christ.

  3. Faith – Inspired & Transforming

    Inspired Faith to ignite the Spirit in one’s mind and heart, deepening one’s awareness.
    Transforming Faith to accept Christ’s ongoing Presence within us, deepening one’s commitment.

  4. Witness – Compassionate & Living

    Compassionate Witness to identify with the needs of others, for we are all God’s children.
    Living Witness to answer the Gospel call, and be known by our love.

If you would like more information about who we are and our council members, please see the About Us page, or for general information, please go to our Contact page.